Ends Of The Earth Imagery, Roger Lewis & Mindy Oberne
Wildlife Photography
We saw many species of penguins including Adelie, King, Royal, Emperor, Chinstrap, Gentoo and Yellow-Eyed penguins. Albatross, colorful ferns and lichen were abundant on the subantarctic island of Campbell. We saw Weddell, Ross and leopard seals throughout the Antarctic, Elephant seals on Macquarie Island, Australia and New Zealand Hooker sea lions on Enderby Island, New Zealand.
Landscape Photography
Our expedition company, Quark, took us through the Antarctic peninsula and the Lemaire Channel, circumnavigating the coast through the Bellingshausen, Amundsen and Ross Seas. We landed on the famous B15 ice berg and parked next to the Drygalski Ice Tongue which was later struck by the huge berg. Our panoramas really give one the sense of the vastness and majesty so prevalent on this amazing continent.
Price List
Our images are available using 3 different printing techniques. We can print any size depending on the resolution of the original image and we crop for the best picture rather than for specific dimensions. Panoramas are available up to 90 inches.
Penguisi Antarctica Board Game
Fun for the whole family, Penguisi™ is an exciting game of luck and skill. A roll of the dice advances penguins to the South Pole with fun hazards along the way. The canvas board is printed with beautiful photographs and a map of Antarctica to enhance the experience. Handmade in Grass Valley, CA, Penguisi™ is a unique form of functional art.
Cirque de l'Adelie
On December 28, 2003 we boarded the Russian icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov in Lyttleton, New Zealand to go on the journey of a lifetime; destination--Antarctica. Equipped with zodiac landing crafts and helicopters we had access to places otherwise inaccessible. There were 83 passengers and 75 crew members. The 22 day expedition took us to several Subantarctic islands as well as the Ross Sea region of the Antarctic continent, including several scientific bases and historic huts. The scenery and wildlife were nothing less than awesome, superceding our highest expectations, and so we went again.-Mindy Oberne

Mindy Oberne and Roger Lewis have called Grass Valley home for over 20 years. A lifelong involvement in the arts & crafts world along with their love of photography, nature and traveling have inspired this work. We have many more wonderful photos and a well equipped studio to make custom prints. Please contact us at 530 273-3033.

All photographs were taken with a Canon EOS-1Ds digital camera and F-series lenses. While reproduced with archival materials, we do recommend to avoid long term direct sunlight, florescent light, or direct exposure to glass.


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